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Lifecycle Model + Revenue Cycle Modeler method

Question asked by Amanda Reilly on Aug 7, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 7, 2018 by Justin Laberge

I've worked in Marketo for about three years now and am finally setting up my own Lead Lifecycle Model. I haven't used Revenue Cycle Modeler, and am interested in using it in tandem with a Lifecycle Channel/Operational Program, and found this article for using both in a way that still allows you to manually update the processes.


I'm planning to use a fairly generic Known - MAL - MEL - MQL - SQL - Opp - Won with a few detours and fast tracks. I've looked for similar questions, but can't find the exact method described blow.


How to set up an optimal Lead Lifecycle program in Marketo


Has anyone used a method like this? What are your thoughts? We use Marketo and Salesforce.