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    Lead Gen and Partitions

    Kevin Lustgarten

      Our Marketo DB is divided into several partitions.

      We use email address and a unique key for deduping. The same email address can be in a single partition more than once if the unique key is different, which is possible.


      Recently we launched several lead generation programs.


      Here's my challenge. There's a potential issue where a lead may already exist in one of the partitions of our instance. So the person goes to fill out the form, but I don't think Marketo will add the lead to the database.

      We're an insurance company, so someone can be a Member Customer... s/he can also be an Employer Group Admin...and potentially a broker too. (these are some of our partitions)


      So I think these leads end up in a black hole.


      Is there a way we can get around this?