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Lead Gen and Partitions

Question asked by Kevin Lustgarten on Aug 6, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 6, 2018 by Justin Laberge

Our Marketo DB is divided into several partitions.

We use email address and a unique key for deduping. The same email address can be in a single partition more than once if the unique key is different, which is possible.


Recently we launched several lead generation programs.


Here's my challenge. There's a potential issue where a lead may already exist in one of the partitions of our instance. So the person goes to fill out the form, but I don't think Marketo will add the lead to the database.

We're an insurance company, so someone can be a Member Customer... s/he can also be an Employer Group Admin...and potentially a broker too. (these are some of our partitions)


So I think these leads end up in a black hole.


Is there a way we can get around this?