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What is the best way to pass along email invites to sales w/o using Sales Insight?

Question asked by Siri Olsson on Aug 3, 2018

Hi all - we're looking to give webinar and event invites from Marketo to sales without using Sales Insight. Ultimately, our goal is that we could send Sales an attachment of the invite that they can open, insert their own text, and then forward along.


Right now we're currently having issues with this as MAC vs PC users can't open certain files types and .msg file only seems to open in (Read Only) view!


Has anyone successfully approached this situation? If so, what is your process for doing so?


I'm simply looking to hear how others currently approach this issue at their organization or if they have a solution for the issue stated above. And no, Sales Insight is not an option for us at the moment.


Thank you in advance and appreciate your help!