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    Desktop/Mobile Unique Forms?

    Tom Keefe

      Hi Everyone,


      Does anyone know if it is possible to have one LP that presents "different" forms on desktop vs mobile renders?


      My theory is I have a form with 5 form fields, all required which appears on the normal page. However when loaded on a mobile device, this form shrinks to 2 fields, both of which are required.


      Has anyone done this?

        • Re: Desktop/Mobile Unique Forms?
          Sanford Whiteman

          As you've correctly anticipated, the problem isn't collapsing the form 5 fields to 2. This can be done using CSS as part of basic responsive design. The problem is that only hiding the 3 required fields using CSS doesn't make them any less required.  Thus what you also need to do is have those 3 fields not be required in Form Editor, but rather use the Forms JS API to require them (in an onValidate listener). With just a few fields, this is easily done.