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Tracking conversions with UTMs in WP

Question asked by Shelly Wilson on Aug 2, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 2, 2018 by Sanford Whiteman

We're having trouble tracking which sources are performing best when it comes to our event registrations. I've used UTMs in the past and can use them to measure traffic TO the page/form...but not BEYOND. Back in May I found this article : UTM Tracking & Marketo – Part Deux and set up fields as instructed in SF and as hidden fields in the registration form (note that our forms are in modals/frames in our Wordpress site).


I've attached a screenshot of the SF fields we created and the corresponding hidden fields I set up in the form.


However, zero UTM data tracked through to Marketo. I suppose it's possible that nobody followed a UTM link and also registered, but that seems unlikely. Over 500 visitors from my UTM campaign landed on the registration page, according to GoogleAnalytics. It's reasonable to think that at least a handful of those registered.


Any ideas on how I fix this? It would be amazing to finally be able to track and measure all the way through the journey rather than hit a wall at reg page. Our Marketo Munchkin script is on our WP site before the </body> tag. Am I missing something?