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The 25 hours advance scheduling for Engagement program with recipient time zone

Question asked by Brenda Le on Aug 3, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 16, 2018 by Ronen Wasserman

Hi Everyone,

Can someone explain how the recipient time zone setting works in Engagement programs?


Engagement Programs - per help doc

When you schedule an engagement program stream and Recipient Time Zone is active, the program cast will start running at midnight in UTC +14:00. We require you to schedule the first cast at least 25 hours in the future (24 hours + some time to get the campaign started) because people may qualify for the cast in every time zone across the globe. Starting processing at this time in UTC +14:00 guarantees that we'll deliver the email at the scheduled date and time for every person who qualifies for this cast.


Does this mean if you set your cadence for Thursdays at 2 pm recipient time, you need to schedule the cast and have the member statuses updated at least 25 hours in advanced?  During that 25 hours queue, more persons might be added to the program or some might be paused in the program..