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Referrer Constraint for "Visits Web Page" trigger

Question asked by Simon Wha on Aug 3, 2018
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Some of the mixed language in Marketo is causing some confusion.

For example, on the "Fills out form" trigger on smart campaigns, the "referrer" constraint is not the page that the lead came from to get to the page hosting the form but rather the hosting page itself.

If a lead goes to to and the form is on page-2, the referrer constraint is referencing


Does the definition for the "Referrer" constraint for the "Visits Web Page" trigger mean the same as above or is it in the truest sense referencing the referral url that got the lead to the page visit?

If I set up a smart campaign that says "Visits Web Page" contains " with the constraint 'Referrer contains' " - and a lead visits and then goes to, will the smart campaign trigger?


Because it's a web page visit trigger, I'm thinking that the referrer constraint in this case is referencing the true referral url which in this case is but because the language in Marketo is using the same term "referrer" for the constraint in both the fills out form and visits web page trigger, i'm not sure what it means.