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Use of snippets / my.tokens in forms (rich text editor)

Question asked by Barry Dupont on Aug 2, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 3, 2018 by Barry Dupont

I'm looking to make it easy to add standard text into forms for:


1) Email consent (the field label)

2) Text linking to privacy statement (using rich text editor)


I assumed (I'm new to Marketo) that I could use either snippets or my.tokens to achieve this, however, trial, error and a look around the community has led me to the conclusion that:

1 - Snippets can't be used in forms (label or text)

2 - System tokens can be, but not 'My tokens'


Appreciate help in confirming the above, and any suggestions on how others ensure that standard text is kept consistent across multiple forms. Generally, they are embedded in our website pages rather than Marketo landing pages so unable to add a snippet to the LP.