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How can I leverage Inline Questions from Qualtrics in an Email?

Question asked by Angela Cirrone on Aug 2, 2018

We just added the Marketo integration to Qualtrics to help improve deliverablity and have less exporting and importing of data which I am happy about but we would like to use an inline question in our email.

I am having difficulty getting it to work. Does anyone know of a simple way to add an inline Qualtrics question in a Marketo email? I do not have much coding experience and appreciate any guidance anyone can suggest.

Here is what had been suggested:

Create email in Qualtrics with inline question, copy HTML and place in Marketo email. There are a couple issues:

  • Tokens from Qualtrics don't function in Marketo
    • For example: ${q://QID7/QuestionText or a href="${l://ChoiceLink/QID7/0}
    • I am not sure what needs to be inputed here to allow the question to propery fucntion
  • When trying to approve the email with the HTML from Qualtrics I get the following error:
    • Rendered_Email_Velocity_Error_Area_?!
      String index out of range: 17024 near ?

If anyone has any experience and can assist here, I would appreciate it!