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    Update Urgency Value for Fast Tracks

    Noelle Sweet



      I just read that the Urgency Value (flames) batch update by Marketo in the evenings. Is there any way to update this immediately when a key activity is taken such as filling out a Contact Us form? In this scenario, I am wanting to see three flames immediately as we have a 2-hour SLA for fast tracks and it would make sense that sales could see that value when they review the lead.





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          Nick Hajdin

          Hi Noelle,


          Since Relative Urgency (the MSI flames) is system managed, you cannot run a triggered Change Data Value flow step to change the integer value, to say 3.


          Given the calculation delay, can you communicate urgency outside of the flames? Some possible alternatives:


          • Create Interesting Moments that distinguish the activity as urgent.
          • Send Sales Alert email to the Rep once the Contact Us form is submitted.
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              Noelle Sweet

              Hi Nick,


              What I discovered is that the administrative setting was set to dynamic based on "Behavioral" score. I changed the setting to static based on score ranges, then updated the setting to "Behavior" score. It took a little time for the system to update, but all is well now.


              Thank you so much for taking the time to provide input! Your time is appreciated!


              Have a great day,