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Erase extensions from Phone field

Question asked by Sam Sweeney on Aug 1, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 13, 2018 by Josh Hill

Through a quirk in our system, we are not permitted to have extensions in the phone field. They must be broken out into a separate "Ext" field. This is an issue for many of our vendors who are unable to append their data to have this broken out into 2 different fields. We have been able to map the extension to the EXt field but now are looking for a way to auto erase the extension from the original phone field.



Incoming data: 555-444-0123 x52

Mapped data: Ext: 52 phone: 555-444-0123 x52

Desired Result: Ext: 52 phone: 555-444-0123


Please let me know if you have a good way to have this field auto remove the extension from the phone field.