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Excluding last click traffic sources from a Web Personalisation campaign

Question asked by Grace Brebner Champion on Jul 29, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 6, 2018 by Grace Brebner

Hey Community


Wondering if anyone has a solution to this puzzle.


I'm looking to exclude certain traffic sources from a Web Personalisation campaign segment - specific use case being preventing web visitors who arrived at the site via a paid google/facebook ad from seeing a newsletter sign up pop up.


I have tested an inverted version of the method discussed in this thread, and this does appear to work to prevent sessions with specific UTMs from seeing the pop up, however my understanding is that the "exclude pages" filter operates across multiple sessions - so it can therefore exclude web visitors who have arrived via one of these paid ads in a past session, but came direct in the current session, which is not what I want.


The above linked thread discussed a means of including based only on the current session by setting it at the web campaign level rather than the segment level, however those can only be positive specifications and not negative, so won't work for this use case.


Does anyone know of a way to exclude based on sources for only the current session?