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    Q3 MUG Recap - Thanks Liveramp and Siftrock!

    Jessica Cross

      We had a great user group on Tuesday at LiveRamps office. Thanks Elicia Chen for volunteering your time and space.  And thanks to Adam Schoenfeld of Siftrock provided the food and beverages.


      We had three presenters walk us through their qualification, origination, and attribution systems. Seemed that we all had similar components but different methods of handling the sorting and tagging of leads.  Here are the slides from the presentation.  Thanks Amy Connor, Kristina Jobert, and Elicia Chen!


      Lastely we heard from Alexandra Nation on the new wonderful Marketo Sky UI.  The beta is open at this time, check this document for more details.  Did you all see the bulk actions editor?! Now you can mass approve all assets in one click. Impressive.


      Next MUG will be at Go Nimbly's office, 1550 Bryant St #770, San Francisco, CA 94103. They claim they have a roof deck. We will just have to see about that.


      What does everyone want to discuss next MUG?


      Till next time,


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          Amy Goldfine Connor

          Thanks JC^2 for running yet another awesome meeting! And thanks to everyone

          who asked such great questions during and after my presentation.


          I would love to talk about scoring and/or segmentation. This is a hot topic

          at my office right now and I am curious how other people are handling it.

          Both from a strategic perspective and also in practice (show me your smart

          campaigns!). I am especially interested in if anyone is scoring leads on

          product interest or use case.


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