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    Campaign Delivery Issues

    Julie Strand

      I tried to run three campaigns yesterday (7/26) and all three of the status pages are showing that they deployed, and there are click rates associated in "Email" analytics. However, none of the individuals included in field 6 of my "Smart List" have actually received the campaign in their inbox. I'm wondering if there was a system error that possibly occurred during the scheduled deployment time. Has anyone else experienced this issue?

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          Grace Brebner

          Hi Julie,


          What do you mean by "field 6"?


          If the campaign has successfully run and you can identify that the email has been sent to some people, but not everyone you expected, the first most likely culprit is going to be a logic error (such as using an "and" rule where you intended an "or" rule), or a system suppression (such as unsubscribes/marketing suspended). The first thing to check should therefore be to identify those people you expected it to send to, look for those people in the results tab of the smart campaign (to see whether an attempt to send was made), and check whether they actually qualify according to the rules you set (to see whether it might be a logic error).


          It is possible that there are other issues that have resulted in qualified people not receiving the email, but cross off those possibilities first

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            Kevin Weisenberger

            As Grace mentioned we need more information. Can you explain what field 6 is that you are referencing and attach screenshots of the program?