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    Double Opt-In with Triggered Emails

    Bailly Coons

      When someone needs to go through the double opt-in process, how can you ensure emails that are held will send after they confirm their opt-in?


      For example:

      On our website someone fills out a form to download an eBook. The eBook is emailed to the contact but if they are new and need to go through the double opt-in the email with their download link is stopped. Once they click 'Yes' to opt-in from the double opt-in email, how do we tell Marketo to send the email that was triggered by the form previously?

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          Balkar Singh

          Functionally, you could use a Data Value Changes trigger (which applies on the field which you're using to hold emails) - e.g. Marketing Suspended. When the same turns to FALSE via the Double Opt In Campaigns, and by applying this trigger to a set of leads who filled out that form, we could send an email. It's possible with certain flow steps. However, in case the asset has been requested by filling out the form, sending email to respect the request can be a term in privacy policy and such email sends can be operational.

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            Balkar Singh

            I think we need to set it up for all form fills, as they're different content. A triggered campaign for each different content/form fill, looking at Data Value Changes of Marketing Suspended from TRUE to FALSE, and a member of Smart Campaign which sent them the Double Opt In Email can send the corresponding content. Looking for more ideas!

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              David Jackman

              We're also working through the same use case, so this has been on my mind today, and this thread was helpful. @Balkar, good call on triggering the send off of a Marketing Suspended DVC change + member of campaign. This was my initial line of thought as well when thinking through it.


              Several approaches could work:


              * Having 2 trigger-based send campaigns for the particular gated content: one for all leads with non gdpr countries listed as their country (via smart list filter), and one for gdpr countries with a filter of either dvc marketing suspended, new value - false +member of campaign (as Balkar mentioned) or gdpr opt-in becomes true (if you have that field).


              Messier approaches:

              *Creating a wait step, for the gated content to send with enough time beforehand for people to opt-in. You will have to hypothesize timing here, of course. Maybe putting a note on the gated content form saying something like: "If you are from a double-opt in required country, you will need to confirm your opt-in within _ minutes, in order to receive this asset", or something like that. Of course this is a bit messy, but could work.


              Messiest (but most creative?) approach:

              *Making sure the gated content is accessed via an email confirmation with a link, rather than a delivery to email straight from the landing page form. You may be able to combine that gated content confirmation email with a double opt-in confirmation link, letting the user know to confirm their double opt-in before clicking the download link. Though, I recall, this and the approach right above it may not be in full compliance, as from my understanding you cannot persuade people to opt-in by offering a promo/discount/product, and a whitepaper might qualify for this? This might depend on what kind of content you are offering. This brings up another discussion on the legals and interpretation of gdpr.


              I am also curious as to how others manage their gated content / promo form entries and how those builds interact with their double opt-in process... Thanks!