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Linking background campaigns to email programs with API data

Question asked by William Moudry on Jul 26, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 12, 2019 by Lucas Han

We are using the REST API to extract our activity data (opens, clicks, form fills, etc.) in the hopes that we can do more robust analytics outside of Marketo than is provided by the Analytics module. To do this we need to identify which Programs the activities are related to. From the API we can extract activity data, which includes a Campaign ID, and we can extract Campaign data which includes the Program information (ID and Name). However, the Campaign data only includes Smart Campaigns created in the Marketo front-end. Many of the emails we send are sent from Email Programs, in which case Marketo creates a background campaign that sends the emails out. In the activity data pulled from the API, the Campaign ID included for activities related to Email Program sends is the background Campaign ID. Therefore, we cannot match that ID to the Campaign data we extract because background campaigns are not included - so we cannot match activity for those emails to the ID and name of the Email Program that sent them.


Has anyone else run into this, and is there any work-around that we are missing?