Marketo newbie seeks networking opportunities!

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Hello there,


I am new to Marketo, and new to the Boston User Group.  We are just about to implement Marketo at our company, replacing a creaking Pardot system (which we outgrew a few years back).  We've been lus ting* after this platform for a long time, and finally got it approved this year.


We have a lot of work ahead of us, including integrating our Sitecore-powered website and our own in-house CRM.  Not to mention all of the regular setup and migration, which seems monumental at this stage.  Our project kick-off is about to happen with Marketo Professional Services, who have been excellent through our discovery sessions so far.  Plus I'm hiring a new headcount to join the Digital team, which I manage.  It's "all systems go" for us right now!


I would love to hear from anybody in the local area that has been through a similar type of project - scaling up a marketing team for marketing automation, implementing a new Marketo platform, doing these custom integrations, etc.  If anybody would be happy to talk on the phone for half an hour, or perhaps even meet up for lunch, please get in touch!


On a related matter, does the Boston User Group have any regular meetups, or anything?  I see the Events section is currently empty.



Simon Byrne


* The overly eager content censor did not like my use of this word!