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Content Recommendation Engine & Marketo

Question asked by Chirag Agarwal on Jul 25, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 9, 2018 by Chirag Agarwal

I'm wondering what are the best practices on Marketo to send daily emails with content recommendations fed through API.


Essentially, our content recommendation engine (housed outside Marketo) matches users with fresh posts every morning and we'd like to send this feed to our users every day. We're looking to achieve tracking (what posts were recommended, what was clicked on), visibility in sales insight and flexibility in using different variations of email templates to send these recommendations.


Does anyone have experience with anything similar and would like to share ideas? Among the following, what would be the best approach if any?


Option 1 -

Send HTML with all content recommendations for the day in a custom field via API and place this field as token in email template


Option 2 -

Build snippets and feed HTML via API with content recommendations and include in email template.


Option 3 -

Custom object?