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    Kevin Keefe

      Hey gang,


      So my question is related to the Wordpress plugin Poptin and it has two parts.


      A: You can use Zapier (which we are trying) to connect Poptin direct to Marketo so that leads from people who pass through gates on their pop-ups get created as new leads or update lead information. What I lack is a way to source that the person came from Poptin. I've spoken to Zapier and Poptin support and neither had a really good example of a way to accomplish this, so I thought I would ask!


      B: Because Poptin sits on top of my website and is not a link native to the site, Marketo isn't registering Poptin activity, like downloading an e-book through a pop-up, as an activity and I don't know how I would go about trying to log that activity.


      If anyone has any suggestions or has used Poptin in conjunction with Marketo in the past please let me know your thoughts!