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    Edit Formatting for Content Ai in Emails

    Nikki Aurelio

      I'm wondering if anyone has edited the formatting for Content Ai in Emails?


      I understand that you can choose from the 8 different layouts per the product docs (Enable Content-AI in Emails - Marketo Docs - Product Documentation). However, I'm hoping to be able to change things like the font, button color, etc. When I enable an image for Content Ai, the font particularly changes to a pretty awful one that I'm hoping to overwrite. I've attached a screenshot of the enabled image vs. the preview/sample.


      I'm also aware of the way to customize the rich media bar, which we have done on our website per these instructions: http://developers.marketo.com/javascript-api/web-personalization/rich-media-recommendation/


      Hoping to find guidance on how to do similar formatting for Content Ai in Emails.


      Appreciate any guidance anyone can offer!