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    Random Glitches When Pulling Email

    Eben Saputra

      We are having an issue with email script tokens, we add an object value to the custom token and are finding that randomly that value won’t print / doesn’t have a value. This occurs without any changes made to the email script.


      Some other time, the <h2>$clinics.Map.get($clinicID).OfficialName</h2> part of the token is treated just like ordinary string, and you see the code written bare on the email


      #set($clinicID = ${lead.recentlyCreateClinicID})

      The Clinic ID: ${lead.recentlyCreateClinicID}


      The Clinic parsed: ${clinicID}


      ##if clinic id found





      It has nothing to do with the global token thing we did, it’s just pulling from custom object.


      When it is acting up, sending it to email will also show how it looks like on preview mode.

      When it is not acting up , sending to email will also nice and proper email, without the weird code written bare


      Any thoughts?