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Using SSIS to extract Marketo data into SQL database

Question asked by ea5a5efea9be89c80840f89e41bc7f1f9353d65f on Jul 24, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 25, 2018 by ea5a5efea9be89c80840f89e41bc7f1f9353d65f

Hi all,

I want to use Microsoft SSIS 2015 to extract Marketo lead data and put it into a SQL database.  Has anyone successfully done this?  There is a post on this Discussion forum from August 2017 but it doesn't seem like it was successful.  There is a Web Service task in SSIS that looked promising, I am not sure on what URL to put in the Server URL field for the HTTP Connection Manager Editor setting.

I want to automate the SSIS package to run overnight, so not interested in the Marketo Bulk Export option.

Has anyone been able to do this data extract via SSIS?