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    Tips for a Simplified Multi-Channel Attribution Model

    Bobby Burns

      Hey Marketo Rockstars -


      I'm curious how you are tackling multi-channel attribution in SFDC. Currently we have our program managers create a parent/child campaign structure in SFDC. A child campaign for each channel promoted is created and rolls up to one overarching parent campaign. We then use utm parameters and drive to one Marketo landing page. From there we use choice logic in Marketo to send the records to the child campaign that corresponds to their utm parameter value.


      Our structure works, but with 5-7 channels being used per program, it is more time consuming for our program builders as they need to build multiple SFDC campaigns, wait for them to sync to Marketo, and then add them into multiple flow filters. I'd love to know how others are tackling the same use case in a quicker/more simplified fashion.


      Thanks in advance everyone!