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Preference Center - Success/Horror Stories

Question asked by Jared Rigler on Jul 22, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 23, 2018 by Josh Hill

Hi All -


Looking to revamp our communications preference center and I wanted to hear first hand some of the things that you've found success with, as well as those things that you had struggles with?


Did you try to be too complex? (e.g. Marketing emails only on Tuesday's when it's raining)

Did you not get complex enough? (were you finding people only had two options, optin or opt out?)

Did you try to include too many channels? Not enough channels? (thinking email, phone, text, carrier pigeon?)


I've seen the great post about how to create a preference center: Building a Subscription Management Center


But I want to hear what advice you would give to someone getting ready to approach this large project, which could have tremendous impact on consumer experiences.