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Help with Abandonment Triggers

Question asked by Greg Lang on Jul 20, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 23, 2018 by Jay Jiang

Hello Marketing Nation!


I am working on a project for a gated proprietary online tool. The "sign-up" form is a non-marketo form that populates a hidden marketo form upon submission. The program requires 3 separate smart campaigns in order to serve the lead a different drip campaign based on their actions - either abandoning or completing the tool to the end.


Here are the three scenarios I need to build workflows for:


  • Scenario 1: Clicked to the landing page but did not sign up
    This 3-email drip is meant to get users that arrived at the landing page but did not sign up back into the tool to go through the login process. The drip should initiate the day after they went to the landing page with each drip hitting every 4 days after that until exhausted.
  • Scenario 2: Signed up but didn’t complete
    This 3-email drip targets users who did login and register but did not complete the entire tool process to the end. The drip should initiate 2 days after their failed completion with the following emails hitting every 4 days after that until exhausted.
  • Scenario 3: Completed tool all the way through
    This 3-email drip is for users that registered and completed the tool all the way through to completion. The idea for this group is that they have fully seen the value of the tool and are warm to the Euler Hermes name. The drip emails encourage the user to click out and read other content as well as get in touch with an agent. The drips should begin the day after they complete use of the tool and then hit every 4 days after that until exhausted.


My question is how would I build out the smartlist for each of these scenarios? I should also note that I will be using munchkin code on each page for tracking purposes.


Look forward to hearing your answers! Thanks!