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Multiple lead match lookup criteria

Question asked by 5190ab6523acbe6f65d9a89eed39400ce43a37bc on Jul 24, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 24, 2018 by Sanford Whiteman

Hi All,

We use the REST API to create leads. For a few leads , we get this erro r{"requestId":"19f3#164cb957098","result":[{"status":"skipped","reasons":[{"code":"1007","message":"Multiple lead match lookup criteria"}]}],"success":true}


On searching the email Id in Marketo Database option , we get two records for that email Id. Do we need to run any Merge Job from time to time to merge duplicate records??


I am not sure how Marketo functions , I have been tasked to integrate our form data capture to Marketo , so we used the REST API's to build this functionality. Below is the data features , we pass to Marketo for Push Lead API, where we have the Email as the LookUp Field , should we be passing any other data as well ??


  MarketoForm model = new MarketoForm


                        lookupField = "email",

                        programName = WebConfigurationManager.AppSettings["programName"],

                        source = "Webservice",

                        munchkinId = "Blanked OUT"