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Use a List of Voucher-Codes

Question asked by 111f104b923a58bcab2465ccd8f0ed508c6bcbce on Jul 20, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 30, 2018 by Frank Carpenter


i am searching for a way to import a list of Voucher Codes (in my case this is a list of trial license for a software) and use those codes to send automaticaly to customers that fill out a form.


My idea was a flow:

1. there is a list of voucher codes (license numbers) - every single lead one of these numbers will be assigned when filling in the form

2. Customer fill out a form with his email adress

3. The customer recieve a mail witch includes "his" number

4. I recieve an Alert, that this lead recieved this number

4. As soon as all the numbers are used up, I get an alarm.


mybee one of you have an idea... it look very simple - but i could not find a way in marketo..