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    Use a List of Voucher-Codes

    Stephan Schäfer


      i am searching for a way to import a list of Voucher Codes (in my case this is a list of trial license for a software) and use those codes to send automaticaly to customers that fill out a form.


      My idea was a flow:

      1. there is a list of voucher codes (license numbers) - every single lead one of these numbers will be assigned when filling in the form

      2. Customer fill out a form with his email adress

      3. The customer recieve a mail witch includes "his" number

      4. I recieve an Alert, that this lead recieved this number

      4. As soon as all the numbers are used up, I get an alarm.


      mybee one of you have an idea... it look very simple - but i could not find a way in marketo..




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          Josh Hill

          If you search for "coupon code" you should see several models


          1. Create a list of codes
          2. export the email address of people you plan to email
          3. match up in excel: Email | Coupon
          4. upload
          5. run your program using the token {{lead.Coupon Code}}
          6. you won't be able to setup an alarm. The coupon is tied to the person


          You may be able to setup a webhook to handle your last steps or to handle rationing of coupons, but that's more complex.

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              Stephan Schäfer

              Hi Josh,


              thank you! but this is not a practical way.

              Maybe my question was not clear.

              I could not export the voucher codes to match them with the email adresses. it should be an automaticaly process.

              Every single lead, who sign in with his email adress should recieve an auto-mail witch include a license number.




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                  Sanford Whiteman

                  The way to do this is via a webhook service which requests the next license key off a "stack" of keys. You can store that stack in a textfile in your Marketo instance.


                  If you search the Community you'll see some other discussions of license/demo code distribution done this way.

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                      Stephan Schäfer

                      Thank you!

                      Mmhh... ok i am not familiar with webhook right know.. but if i understand this technologie right, this is to connect an external protocol?

                      So there a way to store the numbers in Marketo but not to call them with an flow, or a process?

                      I did not found any other discussions about this ... mybe i am searching wrong? do you have an example?

                      Sorry - i am new in the community and have to learn how it works.


                      Thanks. Stephan

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                          Sanford Whiteman

                          but if i understand this technologie right, this is to connect an external protocol?

                          In a sense, yes, though webhooks always use the same protocol (HTTP, the standard web protocol).


                          Webhooks are Marketo's outbound API (distinguished from the inbound REST API and the older, also inbound, SOAP API, and also from the client-side Forms JS API that runs in web browsers). To use a webhook, there does need to be an external web service. You don't need to write that service (and most likely aren't in a position to) but you need to know its URL and how it expects you to send it data (called the webhook "payload").


                          'hooks are used for a few purposes:


                          1. To enrich Marketo data by temporarily sending certain fields (email, phone, personal info, firm info) to an external service. The service then responds with additional data gathered from public and private databases. That additional data is written back to custom lead fields to flesh out the persona of a lead.

                          2. To forward Marketo data entirely to another database where it will be further processed, like some proprietary CRM/database/whatever. In this case the response sent to Marketo is usually just a yes/no for accepting the data into the external system.

                          3. To extend available communications methods by sending lead info to an SMS gateway.

                          4. To notify people of incoming Marketo actions, for example by hitting a Slack channel or writing form data to a Google Sheet.


                          Webhooks are defined in the Admin section and called from Marketo flows using the Call Webhook flow action.


                          So there a way to store the numbers in Marketo but not to call them with an flow, or a process?

                          Yes, you can store the numbers in Marketo in a {{my.token}} or in an uploaded text file. The problem is that Marketo can't -- on its own -- "pop" a value off the stack of numbers, nor can it maintain an index of the last used value (which is necessary in order to not keep giving the same value out to everyone!). 


                          Technically, a Velocity {{my.token}} (a.k.a. "email script") can read perfectly well from a list of values stored in another {{my.token}}. The problem is it can't write back to maintain where it was in the list, as it has read-only access to the token. Otherwise Velocity could do what you want.


                          So because there isn't a simple flow step nor script that can you do what you want, you need to delegate the distribution of voucher codes, and maintenance of the last-used code, to a webhook service.  As I said, the source data can be a big text file of all the codes that you upload to your Marketo Design Studio asset library. But you still need something else to intelligently read that data and remember where it left off.

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                    Frank Carpenter

                    Contact Marketo User Benjamin Hou. He has a perfect way to do this.