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    Smart Campaigns to Manage Page Visits & Removes from Nurtures

    Liz Davalos

      Problem #1

      I suspect the isn't a way to do this with one smart campaign, but I figured I'd ask anyway. I tried to make a smart campaign that would do the following:

      1. Smart list identifies anyone visiting specific pages that is not a customer.

      2. Flow: waits 2 hours, checks to see if in that time they've submitted a form, based on the page visits adds them to the appropriate nurture/SC.


      The problem I've having is there is not way for me to specify a timeframe in the flow and since they could have submitted forms a long time ago and not be a customer that's a problem.


      Problem #2

      I want a smart campaign to remove/unsubscribe people from a nurture if they've chosen to be removed. Currently I can only see one way to do this which is one SC per Nurture. That's burdensome and lots of clutter. The problem is that in the flow I can't have "If clicked  link in email contains "this" then unsubscribe from "this program".


      Basically I've been super frustrated by the limitations in flow, I can't understand why it isn't more advanced than it is. There's no way to group and/or either so... Any suggestions appreciated.

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          Josh Hill

          This is easy.


          1. Your Choice Step should reference the Smart List instead where your conditions will be.  This will be a Visits Web Page trigger that may be a burden on your system. You sure you want to do this?
          2. I do this all the time. It's called Bad Exit - Unsubscribed. Yes, you need one Bad Exit flow per Engagement. Run it as a batch and it's fine.
            1. I'm not sure why you need to referenced Clicked Link in Email X though. Just say
              1. Member of Engagement in Streams XYZ
              2. Unsubscribed=T
              3. Pause and Move to Exit Stream.
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              Liz Davalos

              I actually figured out the smartlist idea, I'm just frustrated it takes a different list/program for every little thing I need to do. Now I'm stuck on Problem #1 adding them to the right campaign. I need to identify which page it was that triggered the campaign. I'm guessing I have to make smartlists for every page right? I have select product pages that I want to do this for, but there are around 20. I have this functionality built on a per campaign basis right now, but I'm trying to declutter.


              #2 The reason I need to reference the link is that indicates which nurture they want to be removed from. They could be in multiple nurtures, I don't want them removed from all they are a member of.