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Tokens for standard tracking codes

Question asked by Mark Westerman on Jul 18, 2018
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We are just staring to use Adobe Analytics and we want to setup some standard tokens for different link types. The idea would be to then append these to the end of the different urls within our emails. The only variables are the name of the email and the url the rest of the values are hard coded for the type of link. We will use a naming convention for the email to give us  other information e.g. Email1_Topic_Campaign.


First question is there a standard Marketo token for "Name of email"?


Secondly I am thinking that it might be possible to create tokens using velocity scripts for each of the different types which include the hard coded values and the name of the email.


These are some examples of the different links (the url wouldn't be part of the token that would just be in the email itself)


Banner click through




Text click through




Button click through




Any help would be appreciated