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    Is there anyway to sort accounts by score?

    Steph Anderson

      I know scores are held at the individual record level. Is there any way "bubble up" the scores of contacts within an account so that we can prioritize accounts against each other?


      Our SVP of sales wants us to help prioritize accounts for our sales team.


      Thanks in advance? 

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          Grégoire Michel

          Hi Steph,

          2 possibilities:

          • Do it in your CRM. Create an account score and some coding (APEX triggers in SFDC, since you cannot create rollup summary fields on contacts) to compute it.
          • Buy and use Marketo ABM option.


          Pay attention to the bias: an account with 1 lead and a score of 100 might be a higher priority than an account with 12 contacts, each of them a score of 10.