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    Acquisition Program Name vs. Person Source.

    Aarij Khan

      Hi all,

      How are these different in practical use?

      The main use case for us is for downstream SDRs, to identify what program the person came through (e.g. a particular collateral piece in a bucket of downloadable assets?).

      Seems redundant, what are we missing?

      Thanks in advance.

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          Sanford Whiteman

          Please move the question to Products (Move link will be at the right). This isn't a support space, it's for discussing the Champs program itself.

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            Iryna Zhuravel

            Person source is more broad and is good for higher level reporting. For example, someone might have entered your database through a webinar registration, so the person source on the lead would be "Webinar" and the acquisition program would be the program for that particular webinar. 


            To help SDRs understand the lead history you can pass all the relevant data to the Marketo Sales Insight via interesting moments.

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              Denise Greenberg

              To add to the other responses, most people use a system in which there are a limited number of possibilities for Lead Source - which are general, like "Webinar" as Iryna suggested or "Paid Search", etc. Then there is usually a more granular "Lead Source Detail" field, which would be the name of the particular program. These fields are typically set up to be populated once and not overwritten. So in addition, there are commonly 2 additional fields that get overwritten every time called something like "Most Recent Source" and "Most Recent Source Detail."


              Acquisition Program is often the same as Lead Source Detail but it serves a particular function in Marketo. Acquisition Program is what Marketo uses for First Touch attribution in analytics.

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                Amy Goldfine Connor

                For us, Lead Source is the broad category (Web, Event, Sign Up), and the Acquisition Program is almost like a Lead Source Detail. Lead Source gives you broad reporting (and you can also differentiate between Marketing Sourced and Sales Sourced leads). We also have different Lead Sources for organic vs paid leads (Web for people who come directly through the website, and Web Paid for people who click on an ad to come to the website). Acquisition program is very detailed, and you can't do a ton of reporting on it.


                There is a philosophical argument about whether Lead Source is the "path you walked down" (e.g. PPC, organic, etc.) or the "door you came through" (e.g. website form, tradeshow list, etc.). We consider it the door you came through. Our UTM Source shows the door they came through.