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    Data retention policy change

    Marco Tavecchio

      Hi - as the data retention policy change is coming into effect next month I was wondering what others are doing in preparation?


      I will use the bulk api to get previous activities and store them locally. Any additional measures to be done?



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          Nadish Nair

          We can extract all the information using bulk API and build Data Warehouse so that this can be used for reporting purpose.

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            Sanford Whiteman

            As Nadish mentions, the most in-depth/complex solution is to not only export and store the original file on disk but reimport into one or more databases.


            Perhaps data is published in an online transactional db for a certain period, after which it's moved to a data warehouse (if long term reporting is strictly required) or archived again to nearline storage (if, as is usually the case with marketing data, original raw data will never be useful after a certain point) so it can be permanently purged after awhile.


            Or maybe the data is left in its original CSV files, if it'll only be used on demand for forensic purposes. That's much easier if it's all you need!


            But the wildcard is the legal angle, which we can't help you with. If you're required by law to keep records for N years, possibly in a non-alterable (WORM) type of format for non-repudiation, your tech needs will be different.