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    Marketo Sales Insight - Data Allotment Usage in SFDC

    Bryan Epstein

      We just completed our Salesforce integration and are looking to get Marketo Sales Insight (MSI) set up with our instance. Our SFDC admin has expressed a concern regarding how MSI will utilize our data allotment capacity in Salesforce, so I wanted to reach out for some clarification on things. As things stand, we are at 84% of our total data allotment usage, so we would like to  understand 1) how data allotment is affected with implementation of MSI and 2) if data allotment is affected, what is the relative size of this data allocation required?


      Please let me know if you need any additional information from me.

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          Grégoire Michel

          Hi Bryan,


          MSI almost adds no data to SFDC. It extracts data on-the-fly when you display the lead, contact, account or opportunity record. the only data that is added are a few fields that come with the MSI package, but the impact to your data volume is negligible.


          What affects data allotments are other sync options. In decreasing impact order:

          1. adding tasks for events in the sync option. Just deactivate everything (expect maybe the sales email related ones). It will completely clutter the task section, make them rather unusable, and nobody will ever look at them.
          2. Whether or not you sync programs and campaigns. When you do, each time you add someone to a program in Marketo, it adds a campaign member. and that might represent a lot of records
          3. At what stage in your lead lifecycle you push data from Marketo to SFDC. The earlier, the more records you have. Please note that, implicitly, when you sync programs and campaigns (point above) all program members are also sync'ed to SFDC.
          4. The use of "create task" flow step. But usually, these ones make sense and are useful.



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