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Adding fields to form in landing page

Question asked by 04d0781f0c0b38994f0fdfba331f8b5369886853 on Jul 18, 2018
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We are sending emailers for a event where my company will participate. We want attendees to fill the form which we are creating in Marketo, with field like preferred timeslot for the meeting in addition to other standard fields. Have couple of queries.


1) My understanding is when someone gets email through marketo and they click on a link which opens a form/landing page in marketo, whatever information they provide is updated in the same marketo database. So lets say I sent email to David Smith, he clicks on the link in email. On the landing page there is a form where we ask for First Name, Last Name, Email and lets say company name. When David fills the information and submits the data, this will update the "same" record of David in our database. Is this correct ???


2) I want a field on the form Preferred Time Slot, which is not standard marketo field. This means we need to create a custom field and then we can add that field on the form. Is this the rightway to do, because as such Preferred Time Slot is not a information I need for this person always. It is just for this specific event.


Wanted to know the best practices, so we can design our system accordingly.