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Aug 15 New Marketo Data Retention Policy

Question asked by Inga Romanoff on Jul 12, 2018

Hi there New York User Group, if may have already received an email from Marketo Product announcing the new data retention policy. (To be honest, I'm quite happy to see that Marketo takes this seriously and they are proactively adding features affecting data & compliance - ahead of the curve).


What does it mean and should you take any action? Yes, and here are some examples:

  • The impact of the 90-day activity is probably less; however, for example if some of your nurturing behaviour is driven by 'visited webpage' or 'clicked link on webpage' - you may need to setup an alternative, such as custom fields or static lists
  • From the 25 months list, while it is a considerable timeline, if you are in a traditional B2B model - you will want to re-evaluate existing filters. I would call out a few
    • Email Performance Metrics - note your delivered, opens, and clicks info retention especially if you allow leads/contact to go through nurture multiple times and route them by past behaviour
    • CRM - I would single out Sales Email activity, Lead Converted or Merge Leads as something you might want to keep a track of forever
    • Inactive leads tracking - if you set criteria for Smart Lists based on the lack of activity beyond past two years, I would recommend changing that to static lists


Every business model is unique, but just wanted to give you some food for thought. Below is the breakdown of activities from Marketo and the link to the new Data Retention Policy that goes into effect on August 15. Would love to hear your thoughts as well!


90 Days.png




Link to policy: