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Subscription Center Questions - Forcing a Redirect to Create Profile & Having Save Changes & Global Unsubscribe Button

Question asked by Bryan Epstein on Jul 12, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 13, 2018 by Justin Laberge

Hi everyone, I am in the process of setting up a subscription center for our company. Right now, we have 3 of 4 pages created for our overall subscription center (Creating Your Profile, Subscription Center with Subscription Options, Subscription Confirmation and the Unsubscribe Confirmation [is to be completed]).


There are a few things that we are trying to accomplish with our subscription center.


The first is to be able to automatically re-direct someone to Create his/her profile if there is no cookie or data in the profile information (i.e. First, Last, Email, Company Name, etc.). This is so that someone doesn't go to the Subscription Center without any profile information because they would be anonymous.


The second is to be able to have two buttons on the page that work for submitting the form. The first button would be to save the changes, essentially confirming the subscription options. The second would be a button that functions as an Global Unsubscribe. You can see the general format of how we would like these to look below.



Please let me know if any of you need any additional information to assist, and thanks so much for your help!