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Dynamic Content not Saving on Landing Page

Question asked by f165713089be6e9eee4df34049099ca09f83fe53 on Jul 12, 2018

Hi guys,


We have "Dynamic Content" on our landing page (microsite) and I have been able to segment our customers through this dynamic content in the past. However, today when I tried removing the text from the Form Pre Text, and approving the landing page, it didnt's save. I've tried this with multiple Landing Pages and none of them are saving changes I am making to the Dynamic content. Changes I am making to the rest of the Landing page all get saved once I approve the page and I have been able to update the Dynamic content in the past, I am wondering what the issue is.


I have tried removing all the Dynamic and default content out and re-segmenting the page but it still won't save. Has anyone had this issue before?


Any insight on this would be great, if you need more details, let me know.