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    Online/Social Ad Tracking

    Nick Altenburg

      Hello Community,


      We have an ad pointing to a free trial landing page that houses a non-Marketo form. When a new lead fills out the form, a new record is created in Salesforce. Marketo can see that an anonymous person visited the page with my Visited Web Page campaign (add constraint, querystring = ad's UTM parameters), but cannot see that someone filled out the form since this is not a Marketo form - unless the new record that was created in Salesforce is synced to Marketo and is associated with the anonymous lead that clicked on the ad. Does anyone know if the new lead created from Salesforce will be associated with the anonymous lead activity once a new record is created?


      Please correct me if I am wrong in my explanation.




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          Rachel Noble

          If the record is synced from SFDC to Marketo, and eventually cookied (e.g. they click a link in an email you send them), Marketo will associate the known record with the original anonymous record as long as the original page visit had Munchkin tracking code or was a Marketo landing page. It sounds like that must be the case if you are already able to track visits. At that point, you should be able to see the original page visit.


          What happens when someone fills out the form? You could redirect to a new page upon submission that also has Munchkin code, and track conversions based on whether someone visits the thank you page. It's not a perfect solution, and will only track conversions post-cookie, but it's better than nothing!

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            Denise Greenberg

            Hi Nick,


            To add to Rachel's response and suggestion - which I agree with - you have my sympathy if your company is insistent upon the use of non-Marketo forms. It makes tracking much harder. The best way to see what happens is to test it. Visit the page with the URL and utm parameters from the ad yourself and fill out the form. Then when your test lead has synced from SFDC to Marketo take a look at your activity log and see if the original anonymous activity is there.



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              Sanford Whiteman

              You solve this by passing the current value of the Marketo _mkto_trk cookie as hidden field on your non-Marketo form. This value gets saved to a custom (String) field in SFDC, and that field is in turn synced to a Marketo field. Then you call a webhook with the custom field to associate all past web activity.


              It is an unfortunately common need -- Denise is right that Marketo forms should be used wherever possible -- but is relatively easily dealt with.

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