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Velocity Script Using Custom Object Not Appending When Email Is Sent

Question asked by Raquel Babb on Jul 11, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 12, 2018 by Sanford Whiteman



We are having trouble with an email using velocity script to display a field within a custom object.  The field in the custom object contains a UUID which is needed to append to a link for a campaign we'll be running. We're using the velocity script token in the email link listed below.  It appears as it's working when we send the email; however, when clicked, the email link takes us to a page stating an invitation is requested (used when there is no UUID matched to the database).  But when opening the email in the browser and clicking the link, it then works and processes the page with the proper message. Why won't the link append the Program UID field as anticipated?


Link in Email: https://{{my.Email - CTA3_URL}}?offer=1&invitation={{my.Campaign UID}}

Velocity Script Token {{my.Campaign UID}} Details: ${cashBackVisa_cList.get(0).ProgramUID}

Field Name in Custom Object: Program UID


URL Shown from Email (random test):${cashBackVisa_cList.get(0).ProgramUID}

URL Shown When the Same Email is Viewed in the Browser:

(For security sake, I've made the beginning of the link an example)


There could be members who have more than one Program ID within this custom object.  Not sure if this means anything when using velocity script.


Sanford Whiteman would you be able to help at all?