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A Perfect Platform? Does It Exist?

Question asked by Spencer Phillips on Jul 11, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 12, 2018 by Spencer Phillips

Hello Community,


I have been tasked to research and identify one platform to help my start up meet its needs with starting ABM.


There are three basic components that we are looking for in said platform: Sales Intelligence (best fit accounts, list of accounts that comprise TAM, look a like accounts based on fit, etc) + Intent (specifically Bombora data) + media activation.


Companies like DiscoverOrg, EverString, and ClearBit all fit in the first bucket but not the third. Companies like Terminus and Metadata fall into the media activation bucket but don't really allow for granular account list creation, account segmentation and don't reveal person level data since they are matching PII to cookies.


Perhaps I can't have it all in one platform, but would be very curious to hear who people went with when they chose their first ABM-specific vendor.