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Grouping emails - Attaching attribute (Unsubscribe Form)

Question asked by f165713089be6e9eee4df34049099ca09f83fe53 on Jul 10, 2018
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Hi guys, I'm new to Marketo so I am trying to figure a few things out.  We already have emails created and running with a standard Unsubscribe form but want to create a form that is a little bit more complex and makes users go through the options of unsubscribing from certain types of emails (newsletters, promotions, etc.). I am following the guidelines set by Josh here Building a Full Subscription Center in Marketo - Marketing Rockstar Guides and they're really helpful.  My problem comes at point no.4 where you "Search Marketo Field," the example used in this is "Newsletter."  Since we already have emails that are created or running regularly, we would have to add an attribute to them (That i would create) so they are triggered as the Newsletter in this example would be when unsubscribing. 


My issue is that I don't know where I would attach that attribute, or if I even use an attribute, or if there is a different way to group my emails into newsletters, promotions, etc.  so when I create the Unsubscribe form, I can specify what kind of emails the guest would be opting out of.


I would really appreciate some help on this, I am sure I am missing something simple. Let me know if any other details are needed in order to help me solve this issue.


Thank you,