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    Marketo Landing Pages

    Diana Jakubaityte



      We are planning a transition to Marketo Landing pages from the currently used platform.

      Marketo landing pages will work great for our registration pages and we have no concerns about that. However, we are planning to host our other product/industry specific landing pages that is very different from regular registration pages, contains much more content, design details, etc.


      Is it fully doable with Marketo LPs functionality or for non-registration pages we should stick with the platform we currently use?


      Many Thanks,


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          Grace Brebner

          Hey Diana,


          This may be more of a template question than a tool question - you can create landing page templates for Marketo, styled present more/less content, more/less design details as you please. It's unlikely that this will really be a key differentiating factor between Marketo landing pages/your current tool.


          I would recommend that you create a comprehensive list of all the features that are must-have/should-have/could-haves, and then review whether Marketo is able to provide those features. But if the above is your only concern, it sounds like all you need is design & developer resource.

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              Diana Jakubaityte

              Hey Grace,

              Thank you for your reply! Correct - landing page template is the one I had in mind.


              We were gathering information about what individual pages we have and what it features. Brilliant advise on comprehensive list of all the features that are must-have/should-have/could-haves!


              We have developmental resources and had a great luck with email 2.0. However, from our research we learned that Marketo serves great when creating registration pages, however, there is not much information about general individual pages. If anyone could share some resources, I would much appreciate it.


              Many Thanks,


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                  Dave Roberts

                  Hey Diana-


                  You should be able to do anything within the context of Marketo that you'd expect to be able to do otherwise for most website setups (well beyond the general use case of Landing Pages). I haven't seen many website built in Marketo but the technology is not limited in a way that you wouldn't be able to do most "web-stuff" from within Marketo itself. The template editor can be stripped all the way down to a blank HTML page, and built up from there just like any other website/page. The functionality isn't necessarily "bound" by Marketo, but there are some aspects of the Marketo-native functionality (like editing a page or section of content) that are a bit different than other platforms.


                  Maybe it depends on the type of functionality you're looking for, but I've worked on a few projects that were more like sites than Registration Pages and I think it would be possible to accomplish most things on the Marketo platform. If you've got an idea or some example (links) that you're kicking around, I'd be happy to take a look and let you know if something seems "out of range" for what I've seen.


                  I also think that if you found success with the Email 2.0 editor, you should have a similar experience with the Guided Landing Pages in Marketo. I think email is a "bigger jump" from outside Marketo to the 2.0 Editor than it would be from another web platform into Marketo LPs. The LP interface isn't as good (in my opinion) as the Email 2.0 interface, but b/c it's webpages you're able to do a bit more with the limited options in the Landing Page editor.


                  I'm always up for something new and outside-the-box to do with Marketo LPs, I'd be curious to see what you had in mind here!

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