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Email Link tracking in tokens - are https links getting converted?

Question asked by Conner C on Jul 11, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 11, 2018 by Sanford Whiteman

During one of my sessions at Marketo Summit, it was mentioned that the new GCP Platform introduced a new SSL product just in time for GDPR Compliance and Chrome 68 warning users of non-HTTPS sites. During that session it was mentioned that, at that time, the email editor was not ready to automatically convert HTTPS links to the tracking domain. This meant that token links that use HTTPS would not get converted to tracking links.


Doing some further research, I found a few instances of Marketo Nation threads that detail exactly that:

The Editor looks for HTML code that matches href=”http:// to automatically convert links not created by the WYSIWYG editor (I.E., links in Tokens). If a token value for a link uses https://, it will not be recognized automatically and thus, not get converted to a tracking link.


HOWEVER, in my recent testing, this has not been the case. Inserted HTTPS links into our tokens are in fact getting converted to tracking links.


Am I missing something? Was an update done to the email editor to allow this to work, or does my scenario not apply to the href=”http:// restriction?