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Lead Lifecycle question: What trigger do you use to define the transition from SAL to SQL?

Question asked by Bekah Logan on Jul 6, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 11, 2018 by Bekah Logan

We're setting up our lead lifecycle and could use your help determining the right transition to use between SAL and SQL in the smart campaigns behind the RCM.  Our Marketo admin suggested listening for a Data Value change in Status Reason to Qualified, which may sound like it makes sense on the surface, but I see a wrinkle.  We're using Dynamics 365, and our sales reps aren't taking the step to convert a lead to Qualified status until they're ready to create an opportunity.  If our next RCM stage is Opportunity, that basically seems like it will hit both stages at roughly the same time. 


I'd like to define a lead as reaching SQL status when sales logs a meeting in CRM on the lead record using the Appointment entity, but if I'm not mistaken, this entity does not sync with Marketo.  Is there a way to accomplish this, perhaps using Interesting Moments, or do you have other suggestions for defining this transition which have worked for you?  I'm happy to answer questions about our instance and processes and appreciate any advice, as information with this level of specificity seems hard to come by (or I'm not asking Google the right questions).  Thanks in advance for your help!