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Marketo and Dynamics sync for leads only - testing

Question asked by 8eb3c4979b1ebf4474f76f35452f2e726e721a8b on Jul 8, 2018

I want to sync only leads to start with between marketo and dynamics and set the rule if email is not empty then run the sync.  I have created the workflow in dynamics.  I have set up the fields I want to sync for leads in marketo.  I don't want to sync anything else yet.


Can I only Sync the Leads using my sync rule?


I am using a DEV CRM and only have one instance of Marketo (no sandbox)  .  Can I point to the Prod CRM at any time?  I am worried about the warning Warning: Once Marketo and CRM are synced, there is no switching allowed to any another CRM subscription.


I want to be able to run the sync later from production CRM once I have tested with our DEV environment.


Help and answers please.