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Automatic email to confirm Unsubscribe request/settings?

Question asked by 9116ddd98611d31a48cdc08c6568b8a8c1cb8058 on Jul 5, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 5, 2018 by Josh Hill

Hi all,


We are in the process of tidying up our Unsubscribe settings and have come across an issue that we are trying to fix.


Because of GDPR, we have added all kinds of Unsubscribe opportunities to many of our emails, landing pages and web pages. However, we just realized that a competitor, disgruntled person, etc. could truly come on our website and unsubscribe someone else from receiving our communications.


To add somewhat of a "safety net" to this issue, we are trying to set up an email that automatically triggers to the email address of the person who unsubscribed. That email would then contain a link for that person to click on, confirming that if was in fact them that unsubscribed and they DO want that action to take place.


Has anyone ever set something like this up? Is it possible? If so, and you are able to share the steps to do so, that would be great!


I tried chatting with Marketo support and it almost sounded as if they didn't even know what to do here.