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Appointment Reminders for patient with multiple cases

Question asked by Dominik Wegner on Jul 4, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 5, 2018 by Steven Gaittens

Hey there,

We're just in the process of setting up a customer journey for a physio company. My questions are around how the database should be setup for patients that have multiple cases.



Setup is a custom CRM that is pushing data daily into Marketo



Patient A has scheduled an appointment in one weeks time and one in 4 weeks time. (some patients have treatment plans that can span up to 10 visits)


Fields Used: fname, lname, time, clinic_location, therapist, treatment_area


These fields will change(dynamic): time, therapist, treatment_area



If the fields that I indicated above are dynamic how do we store that in Marketo?

Should we just create multiple fields per record?


Let me know, thanks in advance