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Preventing Membership of Multiple streams

Question asked by Shelly Wilson on Jul 5, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 16, 2018 by Jason Raisleger

We are running two webinars: One on HR, one on Payroll. Some attendees will attend only 1. Others may attend both. I've set up a nurture programme for each group. Most of the content in the streams will be the same, but a few of the early pieces will be subject specific.


What can I/should I do to ensure that people who attend both webinars don't end up getting emails from both streams? It is possible to apply if/then logic. If member of both, only add to Payroll stream?


I'd prefer not to have to set up a new stream for 'Attending Both', because each webinar actually already has 2 streams (1 for new leads and 1 for older leads who went through similar stream 5 months ago). Adding yet another 2 streams and respective campaigns will likely make my head explode