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Undesired default "checking" of "View as Web Page"

Question asked by Sam Tucker on Jul 3, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 10, 2018 by Sam Tucker


I have built an Email 2.0 template and baked in the {{system.viewAsWebPageLink}} token into the template.


When creating an email based on this template, the "View as Web Page" option in email settings is defaulted to "checked".



At first I assumed this was because the template already contained the token. However, when the email is sent, an additional View As Web Page link is inserted at the top of the email - which is undesired - if the checkbox is left in it's default "checked" state.




How can I default the checkbox in email settings to be "unchecked"?


How can I prevent this checkbox from being selected (eg. make it disabled/greyed out)?


Is this a bug and should the latter already be the case because it's already baked into the template?


Thanks guys!


Melbourne Australia