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    Invalid Image URL

    Monica Koran

      Hi all-


      Wondering if something recently changed in Marketo.  I upload and image file and when I select it in the email to add ALT Text or a Link, it comes up with and "Invalid Image URL" 



      I did recently just get a new computer.  Could that be it?  I have also noticed that now within my Marketo Instance, it looks like the images don't download by default.  Very frustrating, Any thoughts?

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          JD Nelson

          I had the SAME thing happen to me last week. I cleared all my cache and browser info (Chrome) during the Comcast web issues last week and ever since it was doing that.


          For ME -- the resolution was the Chrome Extensions I had installed. Some didn't install fully and others not completely. If you're on chrome I'd make sure you go through those and try turning a bunch off, then back on later and see if you can find which are breaking.


          As far as I know that was all related (I haven't had the issue since) but seems like a weird problem -- I thought it was only me.
          (I think the culprit was Ghostery)

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            Gerard Donnelly

            Hi Monica Koran,


            I had a similar issue with a different platform. It might be because your image is located on a non secure website (http://) whereas the Marketo system is secure (https://). Marketo might be blocking the image because of that. If it keeps happening, try uploading your image to a secure domain and see if that helps.





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              JD Nelson

              curious to see how it panned out, Monica Koran

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                Dave Roberts

                Im not sure if this is the case, but I think "I spy with my little eye"... a space in the file name.

                If there is indeed a space between "Segment" and "Video" in the filename and you load that to Marketo's Images/Files folder, you might see something like this happening. You can fix this by updating the filename to have a dash or underscore and no spaces, then re-upload it to the Images/Files folder.

                Technically, Marketo will replace the space in the URL with a special character (%20) and you'll be able to access the image that way, but I'd say it's best-practice to stay away from images with spaces in the name.


                Hope this is helpful.


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                  Ronen Wasserman

                  Is it related to http vs https?


                  I had a similar issue and was told that I'm pointing the wrong URL ( I needed to change http to https)

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